Performing Arts

SM调教社区 has an outstanding Performing Arts Department that has been in operation over many years. Music and Drama are an integral part of the school curriculum, and students at St Pius X have every opportunity to make the performing arts an involved part of their lives, through participation in many different types of music and drama activities.

Performing Arts Ensembles

In Co-curricular Music activities, the College has an outstanding and established record.

The College boasts:

  • College Orchestra
  • Four Concert Bands (Senior, Intermediate, Junior & Primary)
  • Three Jazz Bands (Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
  • Three Choirs (Senior, Junior & Vocal Ensemble)
  • Three Percussion Ensembles (Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
  • Three Guitar Ensembles (Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
  • Three String Ensembles (Senior, Intermediate & Junior)
  • Two Chamber String Ensembles
  • Three Digital Music Ensembles (Senior, Intermediate & Junior)

The College also has excellent piano, keyboard, music technology and music recording facilities. Students have the opportunity to write their own music compositions and record them.

The College hosts three Twilight Concerts per year (featuring both music and drama performances) to capacity audiences, as well as a Performing Arts Festival (Term 4) and various other ongoing activities. There are also opportunities for students to perform in public in and around Sydney.

Students wishing to learn a musical instrument at the College can take advantage of this wonderful opportunity! There are 14 instrumental tutors who teach to all levels.

Tuition is available in:

  • Brass
  • Woodwind
  • Strings
  • Percussion
  • Piano
  • Guitar
  • Voice
  • Music Production
  • Musicianship or Theory (AMEB style)

Students can, if they wish, undertake to do music exams (AMEB, Trinity College of London) to any level, according to their ability and upon the advice of their Instrumental Tutor. Alternatively, students can learn to play music for sheer enjoyment and appreciation by simply participating in one of the bands or other ensembles.

Music and Drama Classes

The College caters for Music classes from Years 5-12. Students can choose to do Elective Music from Year 9, up to and including Year 12. A large number of students have graduated from the College with excellent results in Music. Some have now become performers in all types of professional music areas or have continued their studies in Music related fields.
Students at SM调教社区 also have the opportunity to study Drama as part of their academic program. It is compulsory for all students in Years 5, 6 and 7. Drama is also offered as an Elective subject in Years 9 – 12.

Co-curricular Drama Activities and Performances

In Co-curricular Drama activities, students have the opportunity to participate in either Drama Ensemble or the Drama Production. Drama Ensemble allows students to extend and enrich activities which they undertake in the academic Drama course. It also allows students who are not studying Drama as a subject to be involved in exploring their creative side. Whilst theatre sports is the most popular of activities undertaken in Drama Ensemble, students will also have the opportunity to develop short performance pieces for College and regional festivals, competitions and liturgies, as well as entering the National Shakespeare competition. Additionally, each year the College will stage a major Drama production or a musical or concert. In the case of the Drama production or musical, students will be able to audition in late Term 4 or early Term 1.