Robotics and Coding

Robotics Club

Robotics is a dynamic club where more than 90 Year 6 鈥 12 students come together after school to share their passion for mechatronics and coding. Robotics is part of the College鈥檚 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) program.

Skill development is a key focus of the Club with students learning problem solving, planning, management, costing, teamwork, competitive strategy, and resilience.

The Club consists of Juniors and Seniors but teams are based on skills and may be comprised of students from a range of years.

Robot Competitions
Junior (Years 6-7) EV3 Mindstorm and Python First Lego League Competition (FLL)
Junior RoboCup competition
Internal competitions
Senior (Years 8-9) Arduino and micro:bit
kits using both C+ and Python
Some students may enter UNSW RoboCup depending on ability
Senior (Years 10-12) Robots constructed from scratch
(normally on an Arduino or micro:bit platforms)
UNSW RoboCup Competition

Internal competitions

Year 5 workshops run in Term 4. Lego robots using Mindstorm

Competitions are a focus of the Club but students also have the opportunity to work on individual or group projects.

A number of students are also members of University teams and have travelled overseas to compete in international competitions. These students are gaining access to university courses based on their participation in the Robotics Club and competitions.

Students apply to be a member of the Robotics Club and membership is renewed annually. The Club operates year round with students meeting for one and a half hours once a week.

The Club is resourced by a fee and the generosity of the P & F.