SM调教社区 has a number of scholarships and grants on offer to students.

SM调教社区 is a Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition. Through the Scholarships and Grants Program, the College endeavours to provide access to those families who would not ordinarily seek enrolment and to enable each student who receives a Scholarship the opportunity of a Catholic education in the Edmund Rice Tradition. This is consistent with the Charter for schools that are part of Edmund Rice Education Australia and the Inclusive Community Touchstone which states:

A Catholic school in the Edmund Rice tradition … strives to provide access to those who otherwise would not seek enrolment…


Academic Scholarships

Consists of seven scholarships awarded annually by the Principal for academic excellence across the various year groups and one scholarship awarded annually via application for contribution to College life and being likely to enter a trade.

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Equity Scholarships

Consists of three types of scholarships awarded annually via application on the basis of financial hardship.

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Enrichment Scholarships

Consists of four types of scholarships awarded annually on the basis of enrichment of College life.

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Consists of two special purpose grants awarded to applicants on a needs basis to represent the College in co-curricular tours and events.

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